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Intel + WWT – Computer Vision


WaitTime’s state-of-the-art, patented artificial intelligence leverages both a guest platform and an operator’s platform to observe, measure, and maximize the impact of the WaitTime system using real-time data and historical analysis. Optimized for Intel architecture and partners with both Intel and WWT.

Megh Computing

Megh Computing is an Intel and WWT partner delivering on the promise of AI for real-time streaming analytics at the edge with the best-in-class Megh Open Analytics Platform.

Target Use Cases:
-Physical security: Loiter detection, intrusion detection, people tracking, and vehicle movement
-Worker safety: Slip and fall, PPE compliance, collision detection
-Operational efficiency: Queue management, heat maps, dwell times

Intel® Geti Platform

Intel’s new software platform for building computer vision models in a fraction of the time and with less data. The platform eases laborious data labeling, model training and optimization tasks across the AI model development process, empowering teams to produce custom AI models at scale. 

The Power of Intel® Architecture for Computer Vision

Learn more about the power of Intel for this Smart City Traffic Solution powered by 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, built-in acceleration with Intel Advanced Vector Extensions, and Intel Data Center Flex GPUs

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